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"Hardwoods Heaven"

16.5 Acres, Clay County, Alabama

Massive hardwoods and natural pines, (many too big to put your arms around!), nice rectangular shape and gently rolling topography,

great potential building sites, power on paved county road.

land for sale alabama clay county   land for sale clay county alabama


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NEW - 10.55 Surveyed Acres, Clay County, Alabama Near Talladega National Forest

"Caten Shoals Creek Retreat"

Caten Shoals creek cuts through the property, beautiful views and potential building sites, big hardwood / pine mix, power on well maintained county road.

land for sale alabama clay county   land for sale alabama clay county


Only $24,212

NEW - 43.72 Surveyed Acres, Big Hardwood / Pine Mix, Storage Building, 16'x40' Portable Weekender Cabin, Beautiful Spring Branch

land for sale cleburne county alabama   land for sale alabama cleburne county

"Back 40 R & R"

Secluded retreat minutes off I20, BIG hardwood, pine mix, beautiful spring branch, storage building, portable "weekender" cabin, multiple building sites to choose from...

Here's your retreat with old-fashioned woods and creek you've been looking for! Don't delay on this one!

LANDCRAWLER is looking for an associate / partner that loves the outdoors and is interested in the land / farm / ranch real estate market. Currently holding a real estate license in Alabama or Georgia a plus / passionate enough about the land business to earn your license MAY be even better!

Call Don Ellers, Land Broker (770) 424-5800 to discuss this opportunity.

NEW - 193 Acres, Clay County, Alabama

"Crooked Creek Retreat"

land for sale alabama clay county crooked creek   land for sale alabama clay county crooked creek


Big SMZ hardwoods, hunt, fish, canoe, gold prospect - miles of famous Crooked Creek frontage. Family owned since 1966. Click here for details.

Will Divide - Call Don (770) 424-5800

WOW - Rare - Hasn't been on the Market in Half a Century!!! Will Divide

185.52 Acres, Beech Creek, Brick Home, Haralson County, Georgia

*** Will divide - click to see options - land only 93 acres or 92.5 acres with house.***

"Beech Creek Ranch and Retreat"

WOW - 2,700+ ' of named Beech Creek (a known gold producer) runs through the ranch, cattle grazing the 60 acres of beautiful pasture today, nice 3 bedroom brick home, big, mature timber ($91,243), great location on Highway 120 just east of Tallapoosa, Georgia.

Here's your retreat, cattle ranch or equestrian center!

home for sale in georgia haralson county  land for sale in georgia haralson county

"Beech Creek Runs Through It"

Youtube Gold Prospecting Videos on the Upstream, Adjoining Property!

Watch the Property Video Tour


"Sweet Home Alabama"

207.7 acres, Bordering Talladega National Forest, Talladega County, Alabama

A Very Special Talladega National Forest Ranch / Farm / Retreat

WOW - Over 1.9 miles of direct Talladega National Forest border!, historic cabin / residence, pole barn & storage, 90 acres fenced, est. 38 acres of long-established pasture, stocked lake, large, mature hardwood / pine mix, beautiful views, primary spring creek & 6 feeder spring branches!  

Historic gold bearing area - gold actually found in the creek on the property!

Hunt, hike, enjoy thousands of National Forest acres bordering your property!


LANDCRAWLER needs more LAND to sell!

If you have been thinking of selling your land, farm, ranch, retreat or timber property, give Don Ellers, Land Broker a call / text on (770) 424-5800 or email

82+/- Acres, Talladega County, Alabama


"Emauhee Creek Retreat"

WOW - Wooded throughout, 2 named creeks, ton of direct border with Talladega National Forest, control / own both sides of the road frontage.


Have you considered going off-grid? See this article.

Land. Farm. Ranch. A real legacy for today and generations to come. The memories created will be priceless.

2016-17 Hunting Seasons are right around the corner. Food plots in September!

Does solar really work?

I have been interested in solar energy since the late seventies... In fact, the last paper I wrote in college was "The Market Feasibility of Solar Energy." I really wanted to get into solar energy after graduation but decided that the market and technology wasn't really ready for prime time and ventured down other paths.

Fast forward 30+ years - the efficiencies and effectiveness of the solar technologies have made tremendous strides. Many of us have read about solar - generally featured in in other areas of the country. I kept hearing how with relatively inexpensive electricity rates and our location solar "really wasn't feasible." As one that appreciates liberty and freedom I think one reason for my continued interest is that solar represents that ability to be "off the grid," to disconnect, and to really be energy self-reliant.

Well, on a recent hot and humid June day in our neck of the woods in east central ALABAMA I finally witnessed solar in action. I found myself sitting in a comfortable 72 degree interior of a metal (inherently hot) construction trailer converted to a retreat "cabin." All the creature comforts were there - central air and heat, hot water, ceiling fans, satellite TV and Internet, lights (and an efficient electrical backup system). If you walked into this incredibly comfortable place blindfolded, you would never know that all of this is magically driven by technology that converts free sunshine to electrical power.

What did I learn? Solar (and other renewable technologies) have come a long way baby. Effectiveness has improved throughout the system - from photovoltaic conversion rates to all the creature comfort appliances efficiencies have improved - drawing much less power. (Think about LED lighting.) Also - check out the significant tax incentives effectively reducing your capital outlay.

What does this mean for the land owner / buyer? For me and others that own or are considering "remote" property off the grid, this stuff really works! Maybe that beautiful property without power that was awesome but in your mind not feasible is now do-able!

- Don Ellers aka "the landcrawler"

More info here.

"Little Hatchet Creek Fly In Farm"

154 Acres, Cabin, Lake, Pastures, Clay County, Alabama

Pilots - fly your plane in to the grass air strip, lake, pasture, barn / cabin, cross-fencing, spring creeks / branches, pine plantation, mature hardwoods...

Will divide - here's a 58 acre option.

land for sale alabama clay county

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land for sale in alabama georgia

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WOW - Turnkey setup for your family and company retreat!

241 Acres, Clay County, Alabama

"Skyview Ranch"

Turnkey - very nice cabin, beautiful views, big hardwoods, multiple spring branches, food plots, multiple potential lake sites, old graphite mine - ready to hunt, retreat today!

land for sale alabama clay county     land for sale alabama clay county   land for sale in alabama clay county

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Add an additional 132 acres and pick up Crooked Creek Lake frontage!...

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LANDCRAWLER - 19,100+ (and counting) acres transacted. See our track record of results here. Do you need to buy or sell some land?

23.36 Acres, Clay County, Alabama (sold)

240 Acres, Clay County, Alabama (sold)

77 Acres, Clay County, Alabama (sold)

44 Acres, Talladega County, Alabama (sold)

19 Acres, Cabin, Clay County, Alabama (sold)

14 Acres, Bartow County, Georgia (sold)

45 Acres, Cleburne County, Alabama (sold)

64 Acres, Randolph County, Alabama (Land Buyers Representation) (sold)

17.59 Acres, Talladega County, Alabama (sold)

28 +/- Acres, Clay County, Alabama (sold)

75.33 +/- Acres, Clay County, Alabama (sold)

10 +/- Acres, Bartow County, Georgia (sold)

82 Acres, Talladega County, Alabama (sold)

207.7 Acres, Talladega County, Alabama (sold)


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