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Your BUYER'S Guide to LAND / FARM / RANCH property in Alabama & Georgia!


If you are interested in (100+/- acres & up), invest 15 minutes and let's discuss the BENEFITS of BUYER representation.

Call Don Ellers, Land Broker, Accredited Land Consultant (770) 424-5800


LAND BUYER AGENT in a beautiful region for your land / farm / ranch property!

- Currently tracking 733 land / farm / ranch properties (100 acres & up) in my exclusive data base

- 145+ different listing brokers & for sale by owner

- 181,140 improved and land-only acres

- Timberland, pasture, hardwoods, cleared, creeks, lakes...

- Total asking price value of $842,428,280

- I'm tracking these properties so you don't have to!


Let's "slice and dice" my proprietary land data model to match your LAND / FARM / RANCH requirements!


Don Ellers, Accredited Land Consultant, Land Buyer Agent (770) 424-5800

October, 2018 Alabama / Georgia Regional Update

- Tracking 733 properties (100 +/- acres & up)

- 181,140 +/- acres

- Asking price value of $842,428,280

September, 2018 Update

Looking for LIVE water? Tracking 622 Land / Farm / Ranch Properties in Alabama and Georgia!


August, 2018 Update

Data Update - Tracking 602 Land / Farm / Ranch Properties in Alabama and Georgia!


Now is the time to BUY and GET READY TO HUNT the 2018 hunting seasons...

LAND / FARM / RANCH Buyer Guide  -  Region  Alabama  Georgia

"Buy land - they're not making any more of it." - Mark Twain

Money DOES grow on trees. Timberland can be a great long-term investment that you can enjoy along the way.


LANDCRAWLER Announces Expanded Land Buyer Representation Services

Georgia Hunting Seasons Are Open

land for sale alabama

Find your land now!

- Currently tracking 450 land / farm / ranch properties in Georgia (100 acres and up)



Land Buyer Agent - Region   Alabama   Georgia

LAND / FARM / RANCH Buyer Representation

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Looking for Land?

LANDCRAWLER maintains a comprehensive data model - I can "slice and dice" hundreds of available properties (100 acres and up) in my service area to match up with your requirements. Check out the benefits of Land Buyer Representation services here.

Buying Land?

Land Buyer Agent - Region   Alabama   Georgia

Let's discuss. Don Ellers 770-424-5800, Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) 2010, REALTORS® Land Institute

Want Some Wild Turkey?

Did you know that 3 counties in East / Central Alabama - Talladega, Clay, and Randolph - have so many birds they have Spring and Fall Turkey Seasons? Get ready for Fall turkey and deer! Call Don 770-424-5800 to secure your hunting land!


land for sale in alabama


Alabama LAND BUYER AGENT - Learn More

Start Your Family Land Legacy in 2018!

Alabama   Georgia   Region

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Your LAND / FARM / RANCH Buyer Agent! I offer Land Buyer representation. Call Don Ellers 770-424-5800

land for sale alabama land for sale georgia

Evaluate your potential property from the AIR and Ground! Check out neighboring properties! Land Buyer Agent / Representation with Aerial Views!

Your Land Buyer Agent, Don Ellers - Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) 2010, REALTORS® Land Institute, FAA Certified Remote Pilot sUAS, Results, Experienced, Landowner...

Is it Possible to Live and Work on Your "Piece of Paradise?"

Will we see bullish timberland prices ahead?

Give Your Family the Gift of Land!

A Land Legacy Can Last for Generations to Come

Spend some quality family time on your land / farm / ranch in 2018!

Your Land Buyer Agent! Learn More

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Do you need a significant tax break? Have you looked into the charitable deduction potential with Conservation Easement properties? Check out this Google search link and give Don a call 770-424-5800...

LANDCRAWLER Land Buyer Representation

19,830+ (and counting) acres transacted. Would you like to buy some land in Alabama or Georgia?

Make LAND OWNERSHIP a reality!

Build a land holdings legacy that will last for generations to come!   Region   Alabama   Georgia


Fundamental. Foundational. Flexible. Fixed. Fun. - do nothing or everything with it.

LANDCRAWLER offers Land Buyer Representation services. YOUR LAND BUYER AGENT!

Invest in land - solid, indestructible, immovable - limited and fixed supply.

What a great time to buy land. An investment you can touch, feel, and enjoy with your family.

I can assist in your purchase as your Land Buyers Agent.  I immerse ourselves in the task of matching the right property to your wants, needs, desires, and budget.  Bottom line: I work to insure you find and acquire your ideal property under the best possible terms.

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