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Representation Announcement

LANDCRAWLER Announces Expanded Land Buyer Representation Services


I have been involved in many land / farm / ranch property transactions since 2003. One area in which I have noticed some gaps in services is in representation for the land buyer. Although Buyer Representation is extremely commonplace in residential transactions (the listing broker represents the seller, the selling broker represents the buyer) this scenario is much less prevalent in the rural land business.


Here are some key inherent challenges from the rural land buyer's perspective without Buyer Representation...

1. The Listing Broker has signed an agreement with the seller promising to represent the seller's best interest related to price, terms, and conditions as the listing broker's CLIENT.

2. To find a potential property, the land buyer generally scours the Internet to research available properties. They hope they have exposed available properties matching their requirements.

3. Land buyers generally end up attempting to explain their ideal land requirements to multiple Listing Brokers.

4. To my knowledge, there has not been a comprehensive data model of AVAILABLE properties for a specific geographic region available to the Listing Broker. Therefore, a typical Listing Broker would not have a way to know what's available outside of their own listings or beyond a quick search on advertised listing sites. My "Available Properties" model uses 12 originating sources to consolidate data.


In response to these challenges, LANDCRAWLER has greatly expanded its capability to consult and assist the land / farm / ranch buyer.

1. Based on years of experience, my process starts with understanding your needs, wants, and desires in a land / farm / ranch property. My detailed requirements survey is likely to spur some additional thoughts about important characteristics for your land.

2. For land / farm / ranch properties (100 acres and up), I have created and constantly maintain a comprehensive, proprietary available land data model for my service area, incorporating multiple "input" sources. This data model allows an unprecedented ability to match your requirements with available properties in a "slice and dice" spreadsheet format. This data model is the heart and key to this expanded announcement! I cannot over emphasize the value of this unique available properties data model!

3. Once some ideal target properties are identified, my BUYER CLIENT receives custom mapping, drone video, ground video and more (essentially a private, comprehensive web presentation) that the buyer and associates, friends, family, etc. can review on any device.


Please review these links for more information...

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If you are in the market for 100 acres and up in my service area, I'd welcome the opportunity to more fully discuss these expanded capabilities for the land / farm / ranch buyer. Don Ellers 770-424-5800

- Don Ellers aka "LANDCRAWLER"