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Land related articles, news, announcements, musings, opinion, etc. by Don Ellers, Owner / Broker LANDCRAWLER

June 2018... LANDCRAWLER Announces Expanded Land Buyer Representation Services

I have been involved in many land / farm / ranch property transactions since 2003. One area in which I have noticed some gaps in services is in representation for the land buyer. Although Buyer Representation is extremely commonplace in residential transactions (the listing broker represents the seller, the selling broker represents the buyer) this scenario is much less prevalent in the rural land business. Read the full article here...

Does Solar Really Work?

I have been interested in solar energy since the late seventies... In fact, the last paper I wrote in college many moons ago was "The Market Feasibility of Solar Energy." I really wanted to get into solar energy after graduation but decided that the market and technology wasn't really ready for prime time and ventured down other paths. Read the full article here...

Is it Possible to Live and Work on Your Piece of Paradise?

I have been a land broker for nearly 15 years. If I had to sum up the PRIMARY reason most buyers have purchased land it would have to center around the experience. The experience of living, working, and playing on and near your land. I call this special place "Your Paradise." Read the full article here.

Improve Your Land

In order to maximize the property value and enjoyment of your land, consider these land improvements. At a minimum, firebreaks, food plots, scrub & brush clearing, and connecting internal trails and roads greatly enhance property value and personal enjoyment of your land. Here are some additional land improvement ideas. Consider a phased approach. Read the full article here.

Why Invest in Land?

I'm often asked - Why should I invest in land? When should I buy? Admittedly, I have a biased opinion on this subject and therefore I encourage you to challenge my positions, but I'd like to convey some key points for you to consider and research... Read the full article here.