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LANDCRAWLER offers serious land buyer representation for serious land buyers.

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What is Land Buyer Representation?

Under Land Buyer Representation, the buyer receives client-level services. As our client, I offer (and am obligated) to look out for the buyers best interest in the land purchase transaction.

I immerse myself in the task of matching the right property to your wants, needs, desires, and budget.

Bottom line: I live LAND every day - use my expertise to find and help acquire your ideal property under the best possible terms and conditions for your investment.

What are the benefits of having Land Buyer Representation?

Focus. Instead of trying to convey your requirements to multiple brokers and agents, your requirements are understood and worked extensively utilizing industry resources.

Knowledge. You benefit from my land market knowledge and multiple sources to find land properties.

Experience. 19,797+ (and counting) acres transacted as land owners and under land brokerage engagements.

Team. When you engage with the LANDCRAWLER, based on your requirements, I put my "team" of industry contacts to work to identify your land tract.

Cost?  For the vast majority of real estate transactions, a commission is built into the selling price and paid by the seller. As your Buyer's Agent, most if not all of our fees are paid out of the commission you would be paying anyway without direct representation.

If I happen to find an unlisted property or the Listing Broker is unable to contribute to the commission, you will be notified before an offer is submitted.

So, instead of paying the full commission to the Listing Agent (who is representing the seller, not you - the buyer), why not have someone on your side of the table earning their commission by looking out for YOUR best interest?

Here's a summary of our Land Buyer Representation services...


Your Objectives and Requirements

I take the time to understand your objectives and requirements.

Through an extensive written survey and interview process, I gain a full understanding of your land wants, needs, desires, and budget. I know the right questions to ask. I can also advise you with regard to valuable land features to look for - then...

Find Your Land

I will search various multiple listing services (MLSs), auctions, sealed bid, foreclosures, bank owned properties, large timber company inventory, off the market, unadvertised properties and other land broker listings. I have a multitude of sources for land and will dig into them to find your ideal property.

Once potential properties are identified, I do my homework. I generate aerial and topo maps. Review surveys. Dig up county tax maps, and check out the neighborhood. Next...

They Don't Call Me LANDCRAWLER for Nothin!

There's nothing like actually seeing the land. Really seeing the land.

Many "land" brokers show property from their shiny truck on the county road. I tour the land with you via 4WD and by foot and from the air by drone! It's amazing what you sometimes find deep ON the property!

Advise and Negotiate the Purchase Agreement on Your Behalf regarding Terms and Conditions.

I perform a comparable market analysis and look at market trends for the area of the potential property. As my Buyer Client, I will research the market and advise & negotiate the purchase agreement with your best interest as our top priority.

I negotiate your purchase. I always build in plenty of time for a general inspection / due diligence period.

Assist in Due Diligence

I will ask the seller's agent to have questions answered (requesting a written response) they would not necessarily be obligated to disclose to the buyer.

I will assist you in identifying subject matter experts for financing, title work, surveying, timber cruises (timber appraisals), environmental consulting, closing services, etc.

Monitor the Closing Process (and thereafter!)

I'll track progress and assist all the way through closing. Long term, I enjoy hearing how you, family and friends are enjoying the land.


Are you ready for serious client-level land buyer representation? Put me to work! Send an email or give me a call / text on (770) 424-5800.