Living, Working, Playing

On Your Piece of Paradise

Is it Possible to Live and Work on Your "Piece of Paradise"?


I have been a land broker for 15+ years. If I had to sum up the PRIMARY reason most buyers have purchased land it would have to center around the experience. The experience of living, working, and playing on and near your land. I call this special place "Your Paradise".

I have owned land bordering thousands of acres of National Forest since 2003 and as I have told many over the years I can literally feel the stresses leaving my body when I pull up to the gate! It is "My Paradise". There's nothing like hiking, hunting, fishing, or simply soaking in the land, water, views, and air on your own property. If you desire and are fortunate enough to have a child, grandchild, or great-grandchild harvest their first small or large game animal under your tutelage on your land it is truly a life bonus - and something you and they will never forget. I know when I check my 6 trail cameras for game pics it feels like Christmas eve. The rush of seeing pictures of a big buck, bobcat, or flock of turkey on your own property is incredible. It's all about simply knowing they are there.

I consider myself blessed and extremely fortunate in that my Dad started taking me fishing when I was about 6 and all those early experiences stuck with me for a lifetime. Those trips generated some of the best memories I have... Its interesting to me when chatting with old buddies that were on some of those early adventures we always seem to relive times outdoors - "remember when your Dad flipped the canoe" or "remember that time we caught our limit of trout in 30 minutes"? Great remembrances.

Can you necessarily do "everything" on your own dirt? No, that's why I mentioned "on or near" your land. Location, location, location. I've witnessed beautiful views, great hunting, fishing, hiking, and experiences on nearby public lands. I'll never forget looking down from a public land trail on 2 bucks fighting in a sun glistened streambed - that image is forever etched in my mind. Create these forever images for yourself and loved ones. We have millions of acres of public land in this country ready to be enjoyed so consider a place bordering or near these great resources if recreation is high on your list.

Many of us start out with a piece of land to enjoy occasionally but what about ACTUALLY living and working on your piece of paradise? Given the advancement of technologies I would invite you to revisit the real feasibility of pulling it off! Off grid infrastructure technologies have made tremendous advances recently (see my article on Green Energy - Real Projects). Even in some of the more remote locations, with satellite, wireless signal boosters, and other supporting technologies it has become very feasible to conduct your business. Given good Internet access and cell coverage, and solutions such as electronic signature, scan / email, cloud team sharing applications and video conferencing most business functions can be accomplished from anywhere.

Combine these technologies with a reasonable drive to an airport from your piece of paradise (when face to face interaction is required) and you might just be in business!

Living and working on your piece of paradise may just be feasible - it doesn't happen overnight. The beauty of land is that you can acquire and enjoy (unlike stocks and bonds) now and slowly execute your plan over time.

Life is short - live your dreams in the country.

- Don Ellers aka "LANDCRAWLER"   770-424-5800